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The Next Stage

The original project is now drawing to a close. However, there are various extensions which we are investigating. The way forward will require a new team to guide it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please Contact Us.

Tolson Museum Themes




Rugby Kicks Off

first game; early clubs; Holliday Cup; birth and early development of Huddersfield club; Yorkshire Cup win

Hurrah for the Claret and Gold; membership/fixture cards; Baines Cards (at Tolson); 1894 Nortonthorpe medal and cap (at Tolson)

Birth of the Northern Union

George Boak story/Reverend Frank Marshall; George Hotel meeting

Commemorative centenary plates, stamps, service, tie, banquet menu; 1908 programme;

Team of all Talents

Rorke's Drift Test Match; Rosenfeld 80 tries; Wagstaff biog;

Edgar Wrigley caps (displayed on Perspex stands); wages book; Wagstaff plates;

World War I

amateur game before and after; Fred Longstaff; Grove Park; to play or to volunteer; Douglas Clark biog

Douglas Clark diary and bust; Fred Longstaff medals; Albert Rosenfeld sprint cup

Between the Wars

first Wembley appearances

testimonial booklets; cartoons

Post-war highlights

Championship and Challenge Cup wins

testimonial booklets; Fartown Yearbooks; great matches; Johnny Hunter Huddersfield shirt;

Years of Decline

Keith Burhouse; Barracudas; Sheffield merger; administration

testimonial booklets; Fartown Yearbooks

Super League

Ken Davy; modern stars


Amateur Clubs

BARLA; Pennine League; current clubs

Graham Buckley kit; Underbank plates; Slaithwaite images; shields; Holliday Cup programmes;

Women in Rugby League

Nancy Beaumont, Supporters Club; local players


Then and Now

Kit; stadia (Big G); style/rules of play

boots; balls; shin pads (Dai Jenkins); shoulder pads (Dai Jenkins); shirts (Johnny Hunter Other Nationalities shirt); spectators' clothing; kit (on coat hangars and padded, not mannequins)

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