The Archiving Process

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The Next Stage

The original project is now drawing to a close. However, there are various extensions which we are investigating. The way forward will require a new team to guide it. If you would like to be involved in any way, please Contact Us.

Scanning Guidelines

In the interests of uniformity [& speed!!], would you please follow these guidelines:

1. Scan photographs using the highest 'JPEG' ['JPG'] resolution.

2. Scan programmes, year books, testimonial brochures, scrap books, newspaper articles, etc using the 'PDF' setting.

3. Prior to scanning programmes, year books, brochures, and similar uniformly sized items:
a. perform a 'preview scan';
b. adjust the scanning area so that it just outlines the item to be scanned;
c. scan the item;
d. turn to the next page and place the item in the same position as the first scan;
e. scan the item - a preview is not required as it is the same shape and size as the first item.

4. See if your scanner will scan programmes, etc, and save them as 1 file. If this is not possible, save the separate pages in their own folder.

5. Please name items clearly with the year, match, or whatever is relevant.

If any of this is unclear, PLEASE ask Dave C for clarification.

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